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The law office of Fensten and Gelber is a workers’ rights law firm located in Los Angeles, California specializing in California workers’ compensation law on behalf of injured workers.  Bruce Gelber is a specialist in workers’ compensation, certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California.

Fensten & GelberFor over thirty years, Bruce Gelber has guided his clients through the workers compensation process. Gelber has litigated employment and disability cases before the WCAB, the federal and state trial courts, and the state and federal appellate courts. In 1986 Gelber argued Perry v. Thomas before the Supreme Court of the United States.

Gelber stays abreast of the laws to continue to level the playing field for his clients. There were many changes and updates to the workers compensation laws in 2013.

We advocate for injured workers with specific on-the-job injuries, complex and cumulative injuries. Some work injuries can be traced to a specific and sudden event such as a broken arm caused by a fall from a ladder. Other injuries are cumulative injuries which occur over time, such as back trouble caused by repetitive lifting or occupational disease from repeated exposure to dangerous chemicals on the job. These type of injuries can qualify an injured employee for workers’ compensation benefits. We work to get you the medical care and workers’ compensation benefits you deserve.

We advocate for injured workers from all employment areas:
☛ Office Workers
☛ Municipal employees – Police and Firefighters
☛ Construction Workers
☛ Union Members
☛ Nurses and Health Care Personnel
☛ Warehouse Workers
☛ Commercial Drivers
☛ Service Workers

We work on cases involving combined workers’ compensation and third-party claims. In some cases, a party not covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance was partially or completely to blame for the injury. We work with personal injury lawyers for claims against non-employer third parties who may have been at fault for your injury. Gelber has extensive experience with lien, credit and Witt v. Jackson issues; including two significant cases, So Cal Edison v. WCAB (Tate) 58 Cal.App.4th 766 and Mares v. WCAB 60 CCC 1045.

workers comp lawyerPersonal, attentive service.  Each client is unique. We understand that being unable to work because of a workplace injury and fighting to get the compensation you deserve is a difficult situation. Claims adjusters and insurance company’s representatives can treat an injured employee in a manner that feels disrespectful. From the initial consultation and throughout your case we treat you with respect and  understanding.

You need an experienced workers compensation attorney to advocate for you so you get the benefits you deserve. 213-488-0660

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Most Frequently Asked Question:

Updates and Changes to the California Workers Compensation Law

There were many changes and updates to the workers compensation laws over the years. All of these changes and how they may affect your case is better understood by a qualified workers compensation attorney. Gelber stays abreast of the laws to continue to level the playing field for his clients.

In order to best understand your benefits, and receive what you are entitled to, you need an experienced workers compensation attorney to advocate for you.

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Do I need a Workers' Compensation Attorney?

That is a great question.
The quickest answer is : "it depends".

There are advantages/disadvantages both ways. There are advantages to (more...)

How are attorney fees paid?(answer...)

What should I do if I have a job injury?

If you are injured on the job, you need to report the injury to your employer right away. Delay in reporting not only delays getting the medical attention you need but it may also may interfere with your ability to receive workers' compensation benefits. (more...)

What benefits am I entitled to?

Worker's Compensation insurance is designed to provide six basic benefits:

· Medical Care. Paid for by your employer to help you recover from an injury or illness caused by work
· Temporary disability benefits. Payments if you lose wages because your injury prevents you from doing your usual job while recovering. ...(more...)

How do I get workers' compensation benefits?

California workers who are injured or become lit because of work have the right to receive workers compensation benefits. Unfortunately, many workers find that they lose their rights, are denied the benefits that they are entitled to, or learn they aren't getting all of their workers' compensation benefits. (more...)

What does workers' compensation do?

The workers’ compensation system exists to provide assurance to workers that if they are injured on the job, they will receive compensation, without having to go to court and prove fault on the part of the employer. In exchange for this system, which in theory guarantees prompt and reasonable payment for workplace injuries, the worker is prohibited from suing the employer in civil court, even if the employer was negligent or otherwise caused the accident (unless the employer caused the injury through a willful or intentional act).(more...)

What are a few of the basic issues?

#1 Is there any way around the employer control of treatment by use of their medical provider networks (MPN)?. (more...)

#2 Is the employer required to both (A) engage in ,a good faith "inter-active process" with Injured workers and (B) make reasonable accommodation" (more...)

#3 Is it unlawful for an employer to discriminate or retaliate against a worker who is injured in the line of duty" (more...)


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An experienced workers compensation attorney will advocate for you so you get the benefits you deserve.

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