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Claims adjusters and insurance company's representatives can treat an injured employee in a manner that feels disrespectful. We help our clients to maintain their dignity and receive the respect they deserve.

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How Do I Get Workers' Compensation Benefits?

California workers who are injured or become lit because of work have the right to receive workers compensation benefits. Unfortunately, many workers find that they lose their rights, are denied the benefits that they are entitled to, or learn they aren't getting all of their workers' compensation benefits.

As soon as a worker knows or suspects that they have a work related injury or illness, they should immediately report it to the employer.  Waiting to report an injury or illness can cause a delay or denial of workers' compensation benefits.

After the worker completes and turns in a claim form, if an injury causes temporary disability, the first payment of temporary disability indemnity may begin. In the case of a dispute, the employer has the right to investigate the claim.

The injured worker should never be off of work without a written off work order from the treating doctor. It is important that the doctor advises the employer of the worker's disability status.

A claim which is not filed until the worker has been notified that they are being terminated may not be valid under California law unless it can be shown that, before the notice of termination, the injury had already been reported to the employer, or that there is evidence of the injury in the employee's prior medical records.

 In California, the injured or ill worker has the right to representation by an attorney. An experienced workers compensation attorney advocates for you so you get the benefits you deserve.

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